"Amazing little device, it is sooooo much more convenient (and cheaper) than using a DC power brick. I thought it was too good to be true but it works like a charm. Thank you!"

- Andy C. (Reverb.com)

"Sometimes I just like a delay or reverb pedal in the loop, and don't want the hassle of dragging an additional adapter to power it up. Especially useful for pedals that don't take a 9V battery (Like the Dispatch Master!) and places that lack an additional electrical outlet."

- Kenneth R.

"Amazing seller, and an amazing product! Enables me to be free from an extra wire to power and with this I can play with my board for hours on end with a high capacity powerbank. No noticeable hum or hiss, powers very cleanly. Good build quality too!"

- Brian C. (Reverb.com)

"Great product and great customer care/service! I highly recommend this product if you want a pedal board that will run off a battery for many hours! I am running 10 pedals on a $10 phone backup battery and it lasts over 4 hours."

- Jeff J. (Reverb.com)

"Ionic Audio's 5V USB to 9V DC Converter (Version 2) has solved the problem of batteries running down, especially when I'm deep into jamming in my caravan. All I needed was to add a battery pack to the converter so that my 'touring' rig is now simply a matter of plug and play. Simple, cheap and small enough to make it a total solution for portability. Communication with the team at Ionic Audio was first rate. Tracking the delivery was available making this online purchase a breeze."

- Geoff E. (Facebook)

"Just a quick update. I got mine and love it. 1000mAh powerbank with two USB ports means I can power my G10 receiver on regular 5V and the pedal board with the Ionic Audio adapter. I don't use too many pedals, just a buffered splitter, fairly high current draw reverb and delay pedals, overdrive and the G10 receiver which is rated at 5v 100mah. Shipped quickly but got stuck in LA for the best part of a week. Either incompetence at USPS or maybe due to the horrific wildfire situation around there. Very happy with it :)"

-Adrian T. (YouTube)

"The Ionic Audio power bank adapter is a convenient and compact solution to my current power needs, and has come in handy whenever I've needed to play at unorthodox venues where power outlets weren't guaranteed. I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces!"

- Andrew C.

"Excellent little device. It's about half the size I was expecting it to be, which is even better. Works great. Thanks very much."

- Rob C. (Reverb.com)